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Joan Braun - Lawyer - Educator - MediatorJoan Braun was called to the bar in 2001 and has been practicing as a mediator since 2004. Joan is passionately committed to social justice and to creating dynamic and healthy relationships and organizations.

Joan’s work is multi-disciplinary. She is a social worker and a lawyer and is able to apply knowledge from both professions to her work with families and older adults. In her consulting work she also draws on her experience as a senior manager in the social justice sector and her academic training. Joan has two Master’s degrees and is currently studying towards a PhD in law.

Joan provides mediation and consulting services through Joan Braun Mediation and Consulting. In addition,Joan works part-time as an elder law lawyer at Vista Law Group, and is the CEO and Founding director at BC Elder Life Mediation (BC Elm).  

When Joan is not working she divides her time between Vancouver and Whistler. She is an avid sports enthusiast, both as a spectator and participant. She plays women’s ice hockey, snowboards and scuba dives. She loves to travel, having been to 43 countries and enjoys Vancouver’s restaurants and coffee bars.

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