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Joan Braun is a lawyer, mediator and consultant.

Joan Braun is a lawyer, mediator and consultant. She has been a practicing lawyer for fifteen years and is a registered social worker. She applies extensive knowledge from both professions to her consulting and mediation work.

As a lawyer and mediator Joan practices law at the Vista Law Group, where she offers mediation and legal services in the areas of family law, elder law, and non-profit and charity law. Joan has been a practicing mediator for twelve years, has several mediation certifications, and training in arbitration.

Joan also is a consultant with ELM Research and Training, where she delivers services that enable non-profit organizations to develop new or more effective services. At ELM she provides dispute resolution training, and offers expertise on services and programs for older adults. 

About Joan

Joan Braun has extensive experience working with families. In a pre-law career she worked as a family counselor. She was called to the bar in 2001 and has been practicing as a mediator since 2004. Joan is passionately committed to social justice and to creating dynamic and healthy relationships and organizations.

Areas of Practice

As a lawyer Joan helps families and older adult clients resolve conflicts and plan for the future. She provides mediation, legal coaching, independent legal advice and document drafting for family law, elder law and charity law matters. She also assists older adults who have experienced discrimination.


Joan Braun has worked as a mediator in private practice since 2004, resolving family, civil, elder, workplace and child protection disputes. She is accredited as a Family Law Mediator with the Law Society of BC, is a certified Comprehensive Family Mediator with Family Mediation Canada.
Joan Braun has extensive experience in management and strong research skills, which she applies to her consulting work. Her educational background includes degrees in social work and law, as well as graduate training in qualitative and quantitative research methods.